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Currently a student struggling to do anything, except eat away the anxiety and depression.

Standing at 5'11" and suffering from RBF (Resting... you get the idea face), I am quite intimidating until you realise my anxiety literally influences my fashion choices and I have to rehearse saying 'hello' to people in the morning. Also I am the clumsiest little ike ever, but that is due to a medical reason.

Any critisism about my stories are welcome and feel free to suggest improvements anywhere.

This is also a safe-space for anybody! Please respect that and try to have a good day.

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It's 2AM!?! (A Mental Health Blog)

by , Sunday February 18, 2018

A depression named Barry

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  • Fueled_By_Pepsi

    mumbled "Back!"

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    Now that summer is coming around again, I'll probably be back and attempting to write 'The Birch' and maybe some other stories too if I develop any decent ideas.

    It's good to be back :)
  • Fueled_By_Pepsi

    mumbled "#movellasmagazine"

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    Name: Alice (Fueled_By_Pepsi)
    Age: 17
    Years on movellas: >1
    Most viewed movella: The Rowan
    Favorite thing about Movellas: The community that makes it up.
    Why you want to join: Would love to be part of our amazing community, and I have wanted this idea to be a thing for years.
    How active are you: Try to post something each week, on movellas for a while everyday
    What position: (what would you like to do in the magazine): Graphics, or editor, I'm happy doing anything really. Can write honest reviews too.

    @[Anne Onymous]
    1 years ago
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    Thank you! Love your writing style by the way :)
    1 years ago
    Thanks, I messed up on my first two books because I totally forgot that you have to use 1 tense to write a story. But on my recent ones, I think they're doing all right. I would go back and edit, but they're in competition and I have to wait until they announce UGGGHHHH
    1 years ago
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    I understand your pain, we learn through trail and error
  • Fueled_By_Pepsi

    mumbled "You know you messed up when"

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    You start building a relationship up with somebody, get angry, inadvertantly call them a liar and inadvertantly accuse them of having intent to cheat on you.

    Now they're cold and your depression is telling you to go do horrible things to your body cause you're now on some form of self-destruct mode...
  • Fueled_By_Pepsi
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    Hey Quinn, I know I'm a pain by requesting a cover ontop of your busy workload already, hope you're doing well :)

    Title: The Chronical
    Subtitle: Time flies by when reading
    Author: Fueled_By_Pepsi
    Type of cover: Surprise me, you create such great work
    Short summary: The Chronicalographers are the few beings that time is not relative to, collecting stories from different people allows them to travel to the era that the person is from, and is stored within their Chronical. Rose is one such person, and she must fight the forces that seek to change history with the power of the Chronicals.
    Ideas?: A red haired girl holding an old book?
    Colours?: Any
    Pictures?: Any
    Anything else?: No thanks :)
    Password: Thank you, hope you're well and doing okay, don't stress yourself :)
    Papillon Cover Store [Open]
    Papillon Cover Sto...
    A cover store for my lovelies <3 Note: Please read the rules BEFORE asking for a cover. I have all of my delivery info in there, as well as guidelines and other things <3
    1 years ago
    sorry this took me so long I was lacking inspo but I finally did it!
    1 years ago
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    Thank you, it's beautiful! I'll upload it today x
    1 years ago
    I'm glad you like it!!!!
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