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Will the truth of why we live ever be found or was it already found? Will we ever know? All I know is what we believe is the truth may not be. Who knows?

We need fantasy, not to escape reality, but survive in reality

Day one.


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    I love this so much! your doing such an amazing job. I hope you continue
    The ghouls
    The ghouls
    It's about Tadaaki a paranormal investigator after him, and his team get a call about a sighting of a demon and some ghouls they go to a subway and to know what happens next read the book and have a good...
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    Hello my name is Jasmin and I am going to tell you about my story
    Dear Diary Jasmin Yassin.

    So first i was born in my cousins house because the problem is that my parents where trying to look for an house to buy and then what happen is we finally bought a house in 2016 and actually was really big and we were not poor but we where always rich and my cousins house is to small to live in because my cousin and his family are poor and my family is not poor: like my cousins family and it was really fun with them and i always hangout with my little cousin and my sisters and we even even loved going out with each others and we went to amusement parks and good things outside and school and everything and now the things had been changed in life i have not seen my cousin and my uncle aunt and cousins for years and what happen is i went to an very nice school in 2019 and i had very fun there and everyone in this school is so so nice to me like every students and teachers and kids and teenagers and i became friends with them since i began school and they were so proud of me to be there and i never got bullied in my life because they are really really nice that was in grade seven and than in grade 8# i went back to the same school and everyone WAS STILL SO NICE TO ME AND I WAS REALLY HAPPY TO GO BACK THERE AND WHAT HAPPEN IS I SAW MY COUSIN THERE AND MY OTHER COUSIN THERE :D AND I WAS SO HAPPY AND I SAID TO MYSELF WHEN CORONO ENDS I WILL ALWAYS GO PLAY WITH THEM AND MY COUSIN WAS SO HAPPY TO SEE ME AND I WAS GOING TO HUG MY COUSINS BUT THEY WONT LET ME THE TEACHERS BECAUSE FROM THE CORONA AND LITERALLY ONE OF MY COUSINS REALLY LOOK LIKE ME,, SO THERE NAMES ARE ALI AND HAMZA
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