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Loving Life ��
XV ��
Puertorriqueña ����
Full time Directioner ��
Live for the moment because everything else is uncertain ��
All the love ��
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  • Neysh
    5 years agoReply
    My ABC's ��
    A �� Age : 15
    B �� Biggest Fear : loosing my mom
    C �� Current Time :
    D�� Drink You Had Last : coke
    E �� Easiest Person To Talk To : mom
    F �� Favorite Movie : This is us!
    G �� Grossest Memory : don't remember
    H �� Hometown : Aguada
    I �� In Love With : Harry Styles ����
    J �� Jealous Of : nobody
    K �� Killed Someone : no
    L �� Longest Relationship : haven't had one yet. ��
    M ☝ Middle Name : Marie
    N �� Number of Siblings : 2
    O �� One Wish : Meet Harry Styles
    P �� Person Who You Last Called : My best friend Mimi
    Q ❓ Question You're Always Asked : why are you so shy/ antisocial
    R �� Reason To Smile : One Direction because they make me smile just by being them
    S �� Song Last Sang : Drag me down one direction
    T �� Time You Woke Up : 12:00 pm
    U �� Underwear Color : pink
    V �� Vacation Destination: None
    W �� Worst Habit : thinking things too much
    X �� X-Rays You've Had : don't know
    Y �� Your Favorite Food : Pizza!
    Z ♊ Zodiac Sign: Pisces
    �� Now Challenge ppl- who ever wants to because I have no friends here �� yeah I'm a loner.
    There's a Clean Copy In The Comments For You to Copy And Paste
  • Neysh
    5 years agoReply

    -----██---- -Put this on
    -----██----- your profile
    --██████---if you're not
    -----██----- embarrassed
    -----██----- to tell others
    -----██----- that you
    -----██----- believe in God

    *96% of people don't stand up for God. Put this on you profile if you're one of the 4% that will.*

    Stole it from... @[I<3Skandar]
  • Neysh

    mumbled "hi! im new to this"

    6 years agoReply
    hey i really dont know what to write here so what are you up to?
    6 years ago
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    Hi! Welcome to Movellas. If you need anything, I'm here. :) Also, write about whatever you want to. Rainbows, unicorns, my little pony, anything!
    6 years ago
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    Welcome! I just joined today myself. If you wanna talk about writing or anything, I got your back!
    6 years ago
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    ok thanks!

    same here drangoness
  • Neysh
    6 years agoReply
    Celebrities- Grace Phipps, Zayn Malik

    Quote- life's a war and I'm not going down without a fight

    Color/mood- Dark colors- mood sad

    Tittle- Believe in yourself
    Shattered Dreams
    Shattered Dreams
    Basically it's just a cover store.
    6 years ago
    Oh and I forgot to tell you it's a cover
    6 years ago
  • Neysh
    6 years agoReply
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    Title: My Secret Lover

    Author: Neysh

    Celebs: Harry Styles, Bethany Motta

    Quote: Love will always find a way
    Cover Store
    Cover Store
    I will try and make them as soon as I can c:
    6 years ago
    okay :) I am doing it right now
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