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Love to write boy x boy One Direction fanfics or normal fanfics :')
Little Things<3

Mom - Ellie @[Ellie_Bear Goldenshine]
Sister - Sami @Loony's *Sami* Goldenshine]

Facts about MWAHH!
Name: Rosie Maribella
Age: 15
Star Sign: Virgo
Food: Cake ftw
Book: The Faults In Our Stars by John Green (this book has inspired me sooo much!)
I'm a MASSIVE anime fan!!
I <3 Fairy Tail :)

Niall James Horan is my favorite out of One Direction (as you can tell by my username xD)
His birthday is like 3 days after mine!! OMGGOOOSSHHHH!! >w<

I'm on wattpad as well, so if you see a story on here and on wattpad, I have NOT taken the story. I have been uploading the stories on BOTH websites, so don't say I stole it cause I would never do that.

Follow me?
Instagram: imafan_onedirection
twitter: imafan_1d

Just another Directioner☆

  • _nialler_

    mumbled "Haven't been on Movellas for ages!"

    5 years agoReply
    Hey guys! You probably won't remember me hahaa...
    I was too busy doing school work UGH.
    I may update every now and then, but I'm sorry if I don't!
    Anyways, thanks for reading my movellas :)
  • _nialler_

    mumbled "Wattpad -_-"

    6 years agoReply
    okay, so someone told me that one of my movellas was on wattpad and I did say that I'll be uploading the stories on BOTH websites -_-
    (Unless someone took my story here and put it on wattpad)
    So stop saying that I stole the story cause I would never do that :/
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