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Hello!!!! My names Kylie Evans. Guess who's a HUGE directioner?!?! --> MEE!!!! Hehe I love all of them! There adorable! But I will say, my favorite is Nialler! He's adorable!!! I wish I could meet them!

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    You're My Drug // Liam Payne
    You're My Drug //...
    [On Hold] Evelyn Harris is a hot,mysterious,bad girl who is always in trouble.Liam Payne is a sweet,innocent boy and the member of the biggest boyband in the world.They used to be best friends but when...
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    Please Update!! :)
    21 And Counting
    21 And Counting
    *In a Interview* Interviewer: Do any of you have anything that you don't normally share with most people? ??: Yeah, I do. In high school I once asked a girl out 22 times. On the 22 time she finally said...
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    mumbled "When I will Update"

    A lot Can Happen In Only 4 months~ Fridays + maybe Wednesdays
    Story Of My Life~ Tuesdays+ maybe Thursdays
    These are the days I will try and always have a new chapter out on:)
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    One Thing (A Liam Payne love story)*on hold*
    One Thing (A Liam...
    Taylor Rosie Watson is major geek. Gamer, nerd, you name it. Yes, she's smart and she's never actually thought that shed fall in love. Much less a guy fall in love with her. And just like millions of other...
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