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Hi everyone my life is full of fandoms, school and homework! Yr 9 Australia

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    Hi everyone! i'm working on two new movellas a One Direction and a 5SOS i'm not very confident with my previous movellas so I've really been working hard on these ones
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    So guys heres the thing what story do you want me to keep updating?
    i'm thinking of deleting most of my stories and keeping one,
    can you help me on what one i should continue????
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    Hey everyone;
    I have a best friend she's new on here and she's doing another side to my new book Shades of colour, i asked her cause she didn't have any Ideas for her first book, so yeah she has chapters up and please read it it's called other side to shades of colour and her name is ElementalKeeper and please fan her thank you guys soo much! :)
    Story :
    Other Side To of Shades Of ColourHi guys I have been asked by my best-friend niallslittlegirl to write my characters side to the story so If You yes you like this side go check out niallsl...

    Profile: movellas.com/user/elementlekeeper
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    hey guys! i got a new computer for my birthday yesterday and its amazing I hope you enjoy the new chapter :)
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    what's up here
    7 years ago
    ; Hey love ! Thanks for favouriting my story ! :) x