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    1)Celeste Gonzalez
    3)Funny,Weird, Smart,Nice,Shy, Friendly,Sporty,I have temper
    4)Harry Styles
    5)Im pretty tall for my age i dont have the smallest feet im sensitive and ive played soccer since middle i love taking pictures and dressing people in siffernt clothes when i graduate collage i want to be a photographer i just love it and im not really good at making friends i have long blackish brownish hair and i have brown eyes nothing special and i love animals and drawing i love comfy sweater and sweatpants like the adias ones i have like four pairs there just like my favorite thing
    Diana (14+)
    Diana (14+)
    Diana Ketler is 17. She follows her friend to a casino where she gets drunk and something strange happens. She wakes up unconscious and somehow a huge golden diamond ring appears on her finger.
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