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Hi my name's Nick.
I'm fifteen years old and already have too many ideas for my brain, and not nearly enough willpower or self control to do anything with all of them.

I read incessantly to take my mind off life. I especially love urban fantasy and high fantasy, but I will read just about anything that is put in reaching distance.

I have too many favourite books to count, but they include Skulduggery Pleasant, HP (obviously), LOTR, Chaos Walking, The Mortal Instruments, and recently I started reading Mike Carey's series that starts with The Devil You Know (AMAZING).

I watch TV and I love comedy shows such as Bluestone 42, Sherlock (duh) Brooklyn 99, etc. However, I spend more time watching Youtube. I am subscribed to about fifty different channels, but my favourites are probably Jack Howard, Itsamemyleo, and KickThePJ.

My current favourite favourite album is TRXYE by Troye Sivan, I also like Dry the River, Of Monsters and Men, Mumford and Sons, Imagine Dragons and many more.

I am currently attempting to focus on writing new things for The Mask of Night, my main movella, but I currently have a massive writers block. I know what I want to write and I have a chapter idea, I just don't how to put it into words. So please go read and comment on that, but if you don't like then try out one of the multiple shorter stories I have started. I'll see you later guys, goodbye for now.

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    mumbled "Back?"

    Hello? Sorry I've not been around, but I haven't done any writing in ages, I've been really demotivated about writing - but suddenly got an urge to write something. so I did - I don't know if I like them or they're any good, I just wanted to write something and try not to overthink it too much. I think that's my problem - I try to tackle huge projects that I don't have the time or motivation for, when I should maybe ease into it a bit more. So yeah.
    I just put two short random pieces up. They're both on my Death and all his friends movella if you want to check it out, one is literally a paragraph the other is some kind of poem? It's weird, a bit more jokey than I usually do so idk if I pulled it off
    I don't even really know why I posted them, I literally spent half an hour on the two, I barely drafted or anything, ah well
    So yeah
    Hopefully I'll be around more? I'm not going to promise anything. I don't even know who I'm promising to, I'm talking like I have a fanbase or something that I abandoned lmao.
    Also, my bio from when I was 14 is so stupid lmfao like what are you doing kid
    Finchy McFincherson
    Hey hey, welcome back. I'm Hugh...well if that's what you want to call me. and may I ask, are you a fan of Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children? I've been dying to fine more fans. There's not many at all. But if you're not it's fine. I'm always delighted to find a male movellian.
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    It feel good to reading something on here again, I like the unpredictability and how the reader is left to figure things out for themselves, without full explanations. I also like the hyperbole and exaggeration of characters to show how her mind and memories warp things, really looking forward to the next chapter!

    I did notice a few typos; Chapter 2 "burning inside them were were smouldering"
    Chapter 5 "One of her most ambivalent memory" (should be memories)
    "You're abusive husband" (should be your)
    And also a couple other nitpicky things because I know you can take it;
    In chapter 5 "She snorted like a hog waking up at Miller", personally I'd switch this around so it read "She snorted at Miller like a hog waking up", but maybe that's just personal preference, not a massive deal.
    In chapter 4 the third paragraph in particular has a lot of sentences starting with 'she', which makes it feel quite repetitive, for example maybe if instead of "She had a rather large brown handbag", you wrote "A rather large brown handbag hung over her shoulder", it would read a lot more fluidly.
    Again, these aren't huge problems but I know you're a great writer and can deal with some constructive criticism!
    I'm not entirely sure, I started blogging this story on a fluke, It's not finished yet, but I reckon it's worth you guys seeing it.
    Midnight Rogue
    4 years ago
    Thanks, Nick! I appreciate this a lot. It's a series I started on my blog a while back and I thought I'd post it here. I'm glad you're enjoying it.
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    Hi guys, I'm in year 11 and considering my options for sixth form. One thing I was considering was Classics, and I wondered if anyone had taken it or knew anyone who had?
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    As someone who has written both fanfiction and original fiction, can I say this. I have no problem with fanfiction. I think that writing is an incredibly diverse medium through which anyone can choose to express their feelings. However what I do have a problem with is writers who refuse to allow any criticism, who refuse all advice, and who refuse to allow anyone to disagree with them.

    I agree with what you are saying, but I must say that the majority of people I have met like this have been solely fanfiction writers. I'm not saying that all fanfiction writers are arseholes, nor that all original fiction writers are angels. However, when good writers and good people are dealt lesser hands and the rude and belligerent people are given the lion's share of attention, it can feel like they are simply bullying people into submission.

    That is why fanfic writers have such a bad reputation - not because you are all evil, but because some of you shout louder and more obscenely than everyone else.
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    mumbled "I probably have some explaining to do"

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    So about those short stories I promised... As some of you may have noticed I did in fact publish a short story before swiftly removing it, and the second one never appeared. The reason for that was that because they were written for coursework, the examiners will probably check them - and I really don't want to be disqualified for plagiarism. Sorry for not explaining this earlier but I just got back from a holiday in America with little to no internet. Hopefully I will be able to publish those stories soon, in the meantime I'm trying to work on some other inspiration - though by now I've learnt not to make promises.
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