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"One can never know the true meaning and effects of love, until one picks up a book."-Me (:

"Give me a fence, I'll climb it. Give me a bed, I'll sleep in it. Give me a book, I'll read it. Give me a life, I'll live it. Just don't waist your time giving me hell, I will never give into it." -Me (again)

"Experience is simply the name we give our mistakes."- Oscar Wilde

"The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about."- Oscar Wilde (again)
My Failure Of A Bio:

I'm Nicki, I'm a very flawed person, but I like it that way. The world would be very dull if we were all perfect.

Favorite Musician's: I love One Direction, Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, Justin Timberlake and a million other people.

Athletic Stuff I'm Good At: I can run and climb, that's about it.

Favorite Foods: I will eat anything microwavable and I love vegetables (I know, it's lame, but I do.)

Personality Traits: I am quite optimistic, although I enjoy horror movies (I'm a very complex person).

PS You can follow me on my twitter at: @NL_Johnston

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    GuessI waited for him to come, but he never showed up. For the three monthly comp.

    Here's my entry!!!!
    The Three Monthly Competition
    The Three Monthly...
    Check the first chapter for more information. This is open to ALL ages so I don't expect any mature content in movellas. By that I mean sexual content. I'm allowing any other mature content (swearing,...
    8 years ago
    Thanks for entering, we look forward reading your story :)
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    Age: 14 (but I should probably be older, since I'm pretty sure that illegal)
    Description: Long, wavy dark brown hair, blue hair and very bubble and childish
    Boy: Louis
    Story Plot: Authors choice
    One Direction: One shot and Imagines
    One Direction: One...
    The title says it all, eh? I'm doing requested one shots/imagines. There will be a little info-type form on the first chapter. Hope you enjoy yours. Please favourite and like so that you know when...
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    mumbled "My Birthday!!!!"

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    Officially 14!!! Wait, I don't wanna grow up, sob sob ):
    NL Johnston
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    Hehe, thanks! I wish I was one of those people who had those over-the-top b-day parties! I'll probably just get bubble tea with my friends over the weekend (have you ever had bubble tea? It's so good!). XD
    NL Johnston
    8 years ago
    Oh my god!!!! Hehe, I have such great friends! Okay, maybe I didn't get the big party, but..................................... *Suspenderful moment (you'll get the pun in a second)................................................... THEY GOT ME THE COOLEST SUSPENDERS!!!!! Like, they're pink and blue and yellow and they ARE AWESOME!!!!!! There's also this girl, we don't really get along, but are birthdays are the same day and so back when we were friends we use to get each other the same present, and she said that we should do that this year, so... WE GOT EACH OTHER YOYO'S, THEY ARE SICK!!
    Yep, best birthday ever
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    So there are several grammatical errors and your writing could always be improved. After someone speaks you need to remember to start a new paragraph. Example (beginning of chapter 22):
    "No, what do you mean by all that crap!" I yelled.
    "It was Louis who didn't wear-"
    "What? Why did you lie? I actually thought you guys wouldn't lie! I hate you guys, I'm leaving!" I yelled and then ran upstairs to pack mine and the kids stuff.

    Description of what your doing is always good, also instead of say that your mad, example: "I was mad."
    Express it. Example:
    I slammed the door and almost screamed in anger. How could I have trusted them?

    I hope you understand, I am only writing this to help you out, I don't mean to be in any way rude. You are not being forced to listen to what I say, there just ideas to make this story better.
    NL Johnston

    I Love You (Sequel to My Bully's)
    I Love You (Sequel...
    You all remeber Emerson right? Well she's back! She has graduated from Dublin University and made some new friends. What will happen when the boys show up at her graduation. What will they do?
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