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Heyyy!! I my name is Maggie and I am 17 years old.!! I love Luke Brooks and Niall Horan!! I hope you like my stories!!

  • NoshLoveChild

    mumbled "heyy peoples!!"

    I'm going down the shore tomorrow, and I was wondering if you guys wanted me to update any stories? I'll be glad to update any of the ones that I have written! I just wanted to make you guys happy since I wont be able to update tomorrow. Love you all!!<3
    Letizia Cambell
    7 years ago
    Hello, how are you? Could you read my movella?
    Only Hope In Holmes Chapel, England, Isabella Cooper is the delegate's daughter, she is a girl who have great ambitions and lives her simple life with her parents....
    It's about Harry :) xx
  • NoshLoveChild

    mumbled "Ever Ever After!! "

    okay, thank you to everyone who wanted to have a part in my story!! here's the list:

    Niall's girlfriend: Callie (my character, im sorry to anyone who wanted Niall!!)
    Harry's Girlfriend: ElizabethStyles
    Liam's girlfriend: OfficialLottie_Tommo (Cheyanne)
    Louis' girlfrined: Justheretowrite (izzy)
    Zayn's girlfriend: Angelic
    Callie's best friends: Niall Irish Horan (Angie) & Darksunshine
    Yay! Thank you! Oh and my real name is Elizabeth if you didnt know. Lol.
    7 years ago
    Thanks Love!
  • NoshLoveChild

    mumbled "CHARACTER WANTED"

    okay, so while i'm thinking of what should happen next for Night Owl, I need a character for my latest story, Ever Ever After. Its about a girl named Callie. She is in her senior year at Westbrook High School, and she is asked to prom by one of the five boys that have made her life hell ever since freshman year. so, i need four characters, each to go out with one of the one direction boys. Niall is taken, im sorry. but the other four are open. IT IS FIRST COME FIRST SERVE!!! now, lets see if people actually read this...
    7 years ago
    Okay...so I have some friends for the story! Yay!! and Darksunshine, would you like to be an ex girlfriend or something? I want everyone to be involved<3
    7 years ago
    Damn Im late -.- if you need one more character can I just be Callie bestfriend and can I h have Niall? Its your story :)
    7 years ago
    Oh and my real name is Angie
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    mumbled "My Mouth is Burning!!!"

    Okay, so last month, July 5th, I went to a One Direction concert. (They were amazing, no doubt!) And that morning, I had a WaWa hoagie. I just had the same thing before summer school. Now, my mouth is on fire! And I have 24 fans? Wow!! I can't believe people would even think about reading my stories!! Oh well, better run, my teacher might get mad if I stay on here too long. I'll be back!!<3
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