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I love one direction!! that shy girl in class who likes to mock u online, yeah, thts me----or is it?

one of ~1D lover;)~ Sweets
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| cake!!!!!!!|

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    Because of Fate {One Direction} {Complete}
    Because of Fate...
    Dating a soon to be global phenominon can seem like every girl's dream, but that dream soon ends when she is put in a position where her past comes to haunt her. Farah soon learns that she can't actually...
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    This is an amazing story and whoever you're writing about is a bum for not doing anything about you liking him! Keep strong sweetie!
    Messages for Him
    Messages for Him
    Messages for him. For words I can never say to his face, but feel everyday I'm with him. <3 xx
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    Can you add Wings by Little Mix? PLEAASSSEEE!!!
    Lyrics that Changed my Life(1D lyrics and more)
    Lyrics that Change...
    I know this is pretty lame to post a Movellas with other people's songs, but most of these lyrics really changed my life, or have inspired me or just relates to my life. Sometimes, I might post something...
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