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    mumbled "Things to do when depressed/lonely/stressed"

    So I've dealt with depression my whole life. In fact I can't remember what my life was like before, which is pretty awful, but that's life. Anyway, I haven't always been the best with coping with it (hysterical breakdowns, cutting, not sleeping for days, etc.) but I've always found temporary solace in writing and music. But I've tried a lot of things that worked, I just lost interest, because depression does that. So here we go,

    1. Learn a new language.
    I know that one sounds stressful af, but if you stick with it, holy shit does it have benefits. The language I slowly learned was ASL, which was surprisingly relaxing and felt really cool. I mean if you learn it in secret, talk about an awesome trick. HOW CRAZY WOULD IT BE IF YOU STARTED SPEAKING LATIN IN CASUAL CONVERSATION?!

    2. Make Jewelry
    I was actually rather gifted at this one, I just ran out of materials and was too broke to buy new stuff. It's an awesome gift idea and a great distraction.

    3. Paint/draw
    Drawing your feelings has the same or better effect than writing them, especially if you're good at it. Also, you can never have too many character drawings

    4. Learn a new instrument
    You'll feel cool. I promise

    5. Write
    We all knew this was coming. My childhood wasn't the greatest, and writing provided the escape I needed to survive. It's ok if you write dark stuff, or if it sucks. Remember, you can only get better.

    6. Roleplay
    Let's be real, talking to humans as yourself is hard. So play someone else and forget all your worries.

    7. Bake.
    Cookies man. They help everyone

    8. Finally, cry
    If all else fails, just let it out. I don't care if you're in class, sports practice, or EC activity. Just cry. You deserve to have some kind of weight lifted off of you.

    And remember, you are loved.
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    Mild Anxiety at my Cover Store

    Hello movellians I'm bored as tits and want to make a some covers so just fill out the form and a nice cover can be yours at only the low price of a watermark in a corner. Act now and you can get one day shipping!

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    Nothing sexual and I will do fanfiction
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    Also if you need any examples of my work, they're in chapter two of my story "Mild Anxiety! at the Cover Store"
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