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Favorite Movie Ship: Drarry!
Favorite Band Ship: Frerard! (Favorite ship of all time)
Favorite Band: My Chemical Romance!
Favorite TV Show Ship: Destiel
Favorite Anime Ship: Soul x DTK!
Worst Movie Ship: Peeta x Katniss
Worst Band Ship: Larry
Worst Band: One Direction
Worst TV Show Ship: Anything Pretty Little Liars
*waits for hate .-.*

  • ofKilljoysAndMen
    I'd love to join if I can.
    The Movellas Academy for Exceptional Young Writers ~ For Girls
    The Movellas Acade...
    If you want to join the school ask me. I will be accepting three coauthors to teach various subjects! I will be teaching English. You will get different assignments, because this is a tutoring movella!...
    7 years ago
    We aren't accepting teachers anymore you can be a student if u like
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