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    your friends with my friend ugly and unwanted aren't u well weird is not being "weird" those people who call u that are just jealous of the "weird" feature u have and its problem amazing and u are an amazing writer person and human font let any one put u down
    Superheroes Suck
    Superheroes Suck
    Meet Cat Matthews. Just your average boy-band hating, chocolate loving, fifteen year old, with an unhealthy addiction to TV and her laptop, and whose hobbies include eating, sleeping, and occasionally...
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    I need another chapters referred pls update pls����
    Jocelyn had always gone to school with a boy named Marcel. Marcel wasn't exactly what you called "popular", but he was a very smart and sweet guy that nobody paid attention to. But one day, that changes...
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    mumbled "i love my fans "

    Hey it's me here im so happy to be co authoring with £arr¥ and i love u guys keep reading my movellas and u guys will have to see whats gonna happen in the novella I'm doing with £arr¥ its called Grim not the book cover but that's what. I came up with I love u guys bye☺
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    Pls update pls
    Battle  (Punk Louis)
    Battle (Punk Loui...
    Emma has just moved to London, England. Just moving into a small but nice neighborhood. She even has a white picket fence. Her Mother and Father moved to London to get a better living and job. Emma is...
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