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  • p0pc0rnwriter
    This is the best w0lverine like I love how it's really sad but the coffee thing really? lol *poisoned by his beloved coffee* so dramatic XD keep it up!
    The Long Sad Goodbye.
    The Long Sad Goodb...
    Battle of the Fandoms winner. Based on the idea of alternate timelines from the Comic: Torchwood – Shrouded. *** It’s a rainy Thursday...
    2 years ago
  • p0pc0rnwriter
    OMG I don't know what to say its AMAZING AND BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 10/10 well done is ther going to be more or like are you going to publish your story when it's finished?
    *FEEDBACK ONLY* This is the first chapter of a longer work (that's complete) and I'm needing some feedback on it. It's about Toni Durand, a girl who wakes up in a lab, in a city filled with the dead....
    3 years ago
    will you publish it anywhere else i really want to read it lol and yes it's THAT good :)
  • p0pc0rnwriter
    wow really good i recommend it but can you like write more lol jk its just the tension 10/10 also just thought i'd let you know there is a spelling mistake on chapter 6 when it says "passed out, our dead"
    Broken Things
    Broken Things
    TRIGGER WARNING! Hello, I am Cassidy White, this is my story.
    Kinda i guess
    3 years ago
    lol thanks for pointing that out, tbh I don't usually check over the chapters before Publishing them
  • p0pc0rnwriter
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    wow i think its even better except 100/10 amazing and maybe a week is a long time for when she hit her head unless you make the reader understand she was in bed all week or something and also for chapter 4 there is spelling mistake for "and watch dishes" lol sorry just thought that you would like to know
    No One Ever Knew...
    No One Ever Knew.....
    Piper just moved to her new school, and she is positive that there is something wrong with. The history of the school isn't the best, and the principal never comes out of his office. She is determined...
    3 years ago
    Hey, thanks. I am not the best proofreader of my own work...only others. You could ask anybody I have conversated with, and they will tell you that I have corrected them more than ten times. But never my own work. :) Ha ha. Well, I am glad that you are enjoying my story so far. Thanks!!!
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