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    *I know this is different from how you asked it to be, but if you want me to fill in what you asked for just let me know and I will*
    Story title: Chasing tail
    Nekojins used to live like any other person. Now, they have been forced into hiding. People no longer even know they exist, save the ones who are there to hunt them, torture them or experiment. Running then hiding is the normal life of a nekojin.
    Amaya isn't normal.
    She never obeyed the adults. She runs on her own time, not the proper way. During adulthood, she should be hiding. Instead, she befriends Fletcher. A human. It is forbidden by her kind.
    Other information: It's mostly happy for the first half, but then the second half is more dark and full of war.
    Nekojins are those people, most often seen in anime, with the ears and tail of a cat and cat-like personality's\tendencies
    The main character (Amaya) is a nekojin with black-blueish hair, matching colored ears and tail, her eyes are yellow and she wears a necklace with a little jingly bell thing.
    Ideas: Probably something with a line of pawprints or something?(I don't know it's just a thing i thought of for an idea, but whatever you think would fit best)
    I'm sorry if this isn't good information for you to use, if you need me to do anything please let me know.
    Thank you!
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    Title:Love forgotten
    About: In the story, there's a new singing show called the twist and main character is Kallisto(kallie), a girl who's mom nearly forced her to audition. This is a really long plot so long story short, she gets kind of into something like a love square? with Luke, Calum and Ashton from 5sos.
    Ideas: I'm not really sure, just go with what you think, but maybe if you use Kallisto on it, you could find a picture of a girl with bright green eyes? Or even just green eyes and make them brighter?

    Thank you!!
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