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Hello friends! Life has been changing, so everything is really different for me right now. My account is under construction, so beware!

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    mumbled "Yeah... That Happened"

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    Hey dudes, I'm back for a bit! I grew up on this website, but it's changed a lot and I don't like that. I'm not sure if I'll ever be able to come back 100%

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    mumbled "I'm Back..."

    Hey guys! I've decided to come back to Movellas, but I'm going to have to make quite a few changes. I'm going to be unfollowing a lot of people and rarely using this to talk to people. This is a writing website, not a social media website. If you do want to tak to me, Kik me at Percabeth484. Also, I will mostly be writing fiction, not fanfiction. If this profile make-over doesn't work, I'm going to create a new profile. It feel good to be back! Love ya!
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    mumbled "Leaving For Good"

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    Hey guys! As you may have noticed, I have deleted a lot of my stories. This was not random, but for a reason. Things have been going on and it feels as if Movellas has just been slowing me down, so it's over. Although, this is one of my favorite websites so I might drop in ocasionally to say hi to you guys since I grew to love each and everyone of you. If you sti;; want to talk, my Kik is Percabeth484. If you still want to read my stories, my fanfic.net account is also Percabeth484.

    I'll miss each and every one of you! Goodbye! Love ya!
    6 years ago
    Noooo! I'll miss you too much! :(
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