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Hey! :)
I'm an LDS freshman in high school who spends way too much time on the internet. I also like reading and writing (duh) but I have a ton of trouble dedicating myself to one story! My Google Docs is overloaded with stuff that I typed a few pages of and decided to write something else.
I listen to a super wide variety of music, including pop, country, classical, and broadway albums, plus a decent amount of random crap that no one listens to xD.
I'm relatively new to this site but ever since I started my account I've been on a lot, so you can pretty much always count on me lurking on here.
I also play some instruments; I'm a decent pianist and violinist, and I occasionally play my ukulele. I even know some basic harp. I write some music, too, but just instrumental. A lot of the time I don't even bother to write it down and just stick with improv.
Talk to me whenever, and I do follow back! :)

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    I haven't really been on here because my parents have gotten super strict about what I can do; I can only get on every once in a while (and then clear my history :p) sooo that's my explanation and farewell. This was fun while it lasted... bye everyone
  • Pey Celine
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    I agree with you for the most part. I liked how you mentioned Eadlyn's strength, because I feel like people get too caught up in her flaws to notice it. Many people that I've talked to about her recognize that she's self absorbed (which she is) but don't recognize that it's not because she's independent. Independence is really what I admired about her, while I didn't like many of her other qualities. If you haven't read the Crown yet I would recommend it because you'll see more character development for Eadlyn. It was kind of boring but I like having closure. One thing I didn't like though was it seemed to me that the story was kind of saying "even the most independent of women need a man" which I know the author wasn't trying to say but I just wish there was more feminism? Maybe if she made a choice to be in a couple instead of being forced into it and then giving in? Idk that kind of bothered me.
    Mercury Chap
    4 years ago
    I will definitely read the next book :) Yes, I understand what you're saying and it's the only reason Eadlyn feels restrained since every one feels she HAS to get married before she rules the country. But probably it also means that the weight of responsibilities may be too much that you need someone to share it with, just like Maxon shares it with America. But yes, there were times when i didn't agree to things, like showing to the world that the princess is falling in love just for the sake of keeping people busy at the price of Eadlyn's privacy and choice. But maybe, I think, Kiera Cass was just showing the realities of rich and powerful families? That they could do everything they could to distract the people and try to settle the disorder by show? Who knows.
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    mumbled "Newsies?!"

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    Just wondering if there's any members of the Newsies fandom on this entire website... or anyone who even knows what that is?
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    mumbled "Oh my gosh I have revealed my inner fan girl"

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    So I found this super adorable tøp meme and it was so great I decided to text it to my bff and of course I accidentally sent it to my crush with the caption "OH MY GOSH TYJO YAAASSSS"... he just texted me back "???"...
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