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I am an avid reader, and a used-to-be writer. Hoping to get back into the writing more and see how it goes! Thanks ahead of time to anyone who offers input/suggestions! Will try to get something written soon!!

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    mumbled "Coming soon..."

    Going to try my hand at writing poetry. Feeling nostalgic and the genre seems to fit best. Have to write it on paper first...I'm just too old school to let my first rough draft be public, sorry! Once I get the basics down, I will put it here and welcome all input!! Thanks!!
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    I really like this story so far! I especially like the descriptions of her "imaginary friends." It made them more real to me as a reader. I'm looking forward to your next chapter. Hope it's ok to suggest you maybe do another quick proofread? Just noticed a couple minor blips, thought you might want to know. Does not detract from the story, I'm just a geek like that. :-D.
    Real To Me
    Real To Me
    The story of the struggles a girl has because she has imaginary friends in high school.
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