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Hello!! I see you are reviewing my profile.. and i guess you wanna know a little bit about myself.. okay. Well. My real name is Kasey. Im 16 years old, im Bisexual and i classify myself as an emo. I live in South Australia and most of my friends are in America. My school life is not that great. Ive been bullied in the past and pushed down to the ground a lot basically.

I dont have any siblings *except for a movellas sister. Some of my favorite bands include Black veil Brides, Metallica, Evanescence and Bring me the Horizon. I dont have many movellas friends. And im not very good at writing books. But ill be sure to give it a go.. well.. thanks for being interested. Please leave a follow ������

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    is it true that once you turn 16, you can do what you want? *within reason* well... im having some 'issues' with my father, and I want to live with my mum. but he turns around and says to me that im not allowed because 'he gets all the money for me' or some shit like that. so does this mean he is only making me live with him, so he can get more money in his hot little hands?? because if that is the case. im done. He has no reason to yell at me when I have done nothing wrong, or ask me questions about what mum and I talk about. im sick of this shit!
    I don't know much about this sorta shit either, but im just sick of the fighting that goes on between them both, its like im stuck in the middle and them two are just fighting like cats n dogs.
    shit! My dad kept on saying stuff to me like 'your mum cant even but herself some clothes never lone yourself. or, you mum doesn't want anything to do with you. that's why you cant live with her' he has said stuff to my mum like 'you weren't even their to watch her at sports day in primary school in year 2. you were only their since year 5' My mum has been their to watch me with everything I have been in. it feels like that im sitting in the middle position each time they have fought. its so annoying!
    yass. every music hall, every festival theatre, every sports day *except 1 year I think*
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