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    mumbled "Fanfic Help"

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    So a while ago, I came up with a whole bunch of fanfic ideas, and I liked most of them. I'm not sure if I should do them all as books, or maybe all oneshots, or a combination of the two. I'm including three of them below. Ideas??

    - 1 - The son of Aphrodite, Jimin, caught the eyes of the new kid, Yoongi, who is actually the first demigod son of Hades in centuries.

    - 2 - Tough ice hockey player Jungkook and figure skater Jimin fall in love after growing up together, and Jungkook's the one who taught Jimin to skate.

    - 3 - College students Yoongi and Jungkook happen to be going to the same university and are dorm mates. Through multiple events, they end up falling for each other. Jungkook's ex, Jimin, has a dorm a few doors down and makes Yoongi become caught in a heated love triangle.
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    mumbled "Kdrama"

    I just finished watching Heirs for the umpteenth time, and it always gets to me. Anyone else here watch kdramas? Which ones did you watch? Just curious if anyone else shares the love of dramas with me. ;-;
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    mumbled "New Book...?"

    So I just finished making the cover for my new book, "Rain". It's gonna be a BTS Jin fanfic, but I still am bittersweet on it at the moment. I really am hoping that it goes well, especially since I'm already starting the first few drafts. Anyone wanna give me some insight on what they want out of it? I want this book to be based on what other people want. ^^
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    mumbled "Writer's Block..."

    I really want to write more on here, but I spend a lot of time on my Wattpad account (wattpad.com/user/pinkprincessjin2938)

    Does anyone have any other ideas on what new books I should write? I'm kind of at a writers block, and unpublished almost all my stories so I could go over them again. So far, my current book "The Forest" seems to be getting a good head start, but I don't really know what anyone thinks yet. Maybe someone could tell me after reading it?

    My second book, "Only You", is on Wattpad, but I'm thinking of redoing the plot. I'm hoping to get some feedback there too.

    So, now I'm working on the fourth chapter of "The Forest", and things might speed up a little more. I hope to update as frequently as I can... ㅇ_ㅇ
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    I can help bc I'm struggling with the same thing on Wp
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