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Hi! some things you should know about me are
*I like to read and write
*I love the outdoors
*I love animals
*My favorite series is Percy Jackson and the Gallagher Girl series
*My favorite animal is the German Shepherd
*I can count in Korean

  • Gallagher_Girl

    mumbled "School Chrome books"

    So we got Chrome books this year at school and me and my friends went on Quotev and then they blocked it. So then we find Movellas and they also block this for no apparent reason, so know i have to use my dads computer. So school is so much fun.
    5 years ago
    That school is so mean they dont want u enjoying the awsome power of movellas or even the power of reading they just dont want u reading fan fiction my school blocked msp and vevo and youtube schools are so annoying my chrome book has it blocked to but not computwer class lol
    5 years ago
    They are able to monitor what we do on the Chrome Books.
    5 years ago
    Yeah... Same I have to use my family's laptop since Movellas is blocked on our chrome books. :)
  • Gallagher_Girl
    How much time do you have on your hands?!
    Return: A Rising of the Darkest Book
    Return: A Rising...
    "The war is starting that will determine the fate of an entire world." James was an ordinary boy in West Brook Illinois, until the truth of where is family is really from changes everything. He isn’t...
    Jacie XP
    5 years ago
    I didn't do homework for three days.
  • Gallagher_Girl
    I love it! Update please! XD
    Dawn of A New Clan *Warriors Fanfiction*
    Dawn of A New Clan...
    An old enemy has returned from the shadows. This enemy, an old, forgotten clan, called SwiftClan, threatens the clans. This wasn't the first time, though... The first time they struck, all our heroes were...
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