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Hi , I am 13 . I like playing on my swing and reading. I might sound plain but I'm not! Yes, my books are quite sad and they are mostly about family problems. I got this idea from Jacqueline Wilson.

I LOVE to read romance stories and family problems, maybe even with a little fantasy. I probably won't read very many stories on here though, due to updating my own stories, I don't have much spare time so that probably means I won't be able to read your stories, but trust me, I'll try to :)
Sorry guys, I forgot my badges :( but here's my one

Plutos carrots (my fans!) Sorry J.K Panasear , for copying the carrot but I really like my badge!

Well, if you've read this far you'd be pretty interested in me. I'd love to co-author with anyone! You can choose the book. Anyway, Read my books please, candy and sweetie are the newest books
Here are some people that are really good :
~ babsie( one of my friends in real life)
~ Love2write
~ S.R Arora
~ Jayla Quaaid
~ J.K Panesar
~ Vampiress
~ No.One.Special

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    This will start if we get more members! And contestants!
    the movellas competion
    the movellas compe...
    Blurb: A competion so people on movellas are more known. There will be one winner but any of the contestants get a shout out. Read to find out how to enter or become a mentor.
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    mumbled "Mwa-hahaha"

    Guess who's back? Your favourite author! I'm kidding, 2nd favourite! : D
    6 years ago
    Hi! Welcome back! ; D
    I was wondering if u wud mind checking out my latest movella; 'Home' and possibly comment, like, fav or fan?! : )
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    OMG! Totally agree with the tags. Also this is what annoys me: funny versions of words, but with 1D in it. (I don't hate 1D but this is quite annoying) look at these; amazayn, phenomiNiall, extraordinHarry
    You can use this, if you want
    Rants of Movellas
    Rants of Movellas
    My pen name is Movellas Reporter. I warn you before you read this... If you're a One Direction fan... you're gonna be offended. These are the rants I've posted on the forums. Or maybe some of the movellas...
    Movellas Reporter
    EXACTLY! People are like, Oh-My-Styles! This is Amazayn work! You are a phenomiNiall writer! Your stories are always extraordinHarry, This is just so fabuLouis! The idea is BrilLiam!
    I honestly hate these! Even on other types of genres these directioners are going around saying that. I get that so much on my 1D-related stories... it's annoying.
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    Can I be a contestant?
    I enter with chapter 10 of Love is a ruthless game , please!
    Movellas Competition!!!
    Movellas Competiti...
    This is a competition for all movellians to all compete and have fun together :)
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