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Hey there I'm Porjiee! I'm just a girl trying to find something i'm good at. I love Taylor swift, one direction, ed Sheeran, Paramore, NeverShoutNever, we are the in crowd, room 94 and twenty twenty.
I'm comlpetely obsesed with youtube stars like, Luke conard, Ingrid (mizzglamouratsi), Joey Graceffa, shane dawson, pewdiepie, smosh, hialeaderbear, mattyg, omfgitsjack&dean and like too many more.
If you are a reader of my books imma call you my little marshmallow because i love, love, love marshmallows and i love, love, love anyone who reads my books :)
See that Favriout authour button... Click on it and see what happens plus then I would love you forever and ever! Also like and favriouts my movellas it would mean the world and leave comments on what you think. Plus leave books you've written so I can read them to!

  • The love of a blade.
    The love of a blad...
    by Porjiee
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    Guys I'm back from the dead! I'm so sorry I haven't been posting anything in months. But I have finished all my exams and my prom as well so there for I am off school till the start of September. Plus I have a free day today so I will be able to start writing a chapter!
    I've missed you marshmallows!
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    Georgia or just G as my friends call me!:3 Birthdays the 15th of August. My hairs a dark brown with a red tint when in the sun my eyes are a mix between brown and green (it changes with my mood, its really weird!) most of the time I'm quiet for the first 30 minuets of knowing someone and after that i can get hyper :3 because of the hyperness and shyness my life is full of awkward moments so I laugh alot. My hobbies consiste of football, golf and running. I also play the guitar, mainly acoustic, bass and currently learing the drums! *one man band over here!! ;)* Love the story started reading today soo good! Please update soon!
    Find You || Luke Hemmings
    Find You || Luke...
    Triss Cobain is a homeless, troubled girl with nothing but when her bullies become her friends and she moves in with them, she has some fun.
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    Wow guys I'm almost crying! 202 people have favriouted the love of a blade and I just want to say thank you so so much! I know it's not many compared to some books but you all mean the world to me and gahh! Thank you Marshmallows!!<3
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    Hi marshmallows! I have a chapter half written up and ready to be finished tomorrow but work got in the way and I found my old nintendo with mario cart which I spent 2 hours ish on :3 but tomorrow I will have a chapter up for you guys and maybe a second one as well!
    Hope you all had a fablouis christmas and new year! Hope Santa brought you everything you asked for!:)
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