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    mumbled "Movellas. . .smh"

    I can't update on my iPod because I can't get IOS7 :( Pooooo
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    mumbled "Heyyyyyyyyyy"

    Hey I did a re-write of Scars Heal with a twist. Read it if you can, Thanks ;-)
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    mumbled "I look up to you Morgan"

    If your looking for a good book you should read "White Noise Chocolate" by ✓Morgan! Its really good and different, I have never read anything so good and no one has ever written something like this. She is a really good writer and she deserves the reads and favourites! #HelpASistaOut
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    mumbled "I am sick YAY"


    ^Shirtless. . .Its how I like 'em. #I<3MyMenLikeILoveMyJuice. . .NAKED
    The tittle is supposed to mean I am physical sick not like I am sick in the head. . .or both :)
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    LOL x
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    mumbled "A butterfly really?"

    Can Harry just please get the butterfly tattoo token off before he gets more tattoos?! I haven't seen the rose yet but I am afraid he will have a ladybug humping the rose. P.S. I am not trying to make this sound like I ship Larry because I don't and even if it was true I would support them just like any other.
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    Really?! Who does that?! I am gonna get a piercing on my ass because I feel like a rebel but no one will know because I don't show my ass to the world like Miley Twerking Cyrus < She is still my Hanna Montana
    Savannah Hemmings 💖
    the rose is really cute, and no ladybugs are humping it
    I'm glad! Where did you see a picture of it?