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Just a multi-fangirl who enjoys writing and wants to be a writer/musician someday :)

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    mumbled "Where I've Been"

    Been a while since I've been on Movellas and I do apologize for those who have wanted to read new chapters of my stories. I've been doing my stories on Wattpad trying to expand my work everywhere. If you have the app you can read my stories @xolukexo. I have a new story with Harry from 1D but One Direction doesn't necessarily exist in the story. It's called Rehab so stay tuned for that :)

    Btw, I've been working with @recklesslymindless on wattpad and she's a wonderful writer so check out her stories there. I'll also be posting her stories on here to widen people that read :)
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    6th Direction
    No, theres only about eight chapters which I haven't had time to edit
    ~Review Book~ (OPE...
    This is just a review book.
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    mumbled "UPDATE 12/5"

    Hey guys, sorry I haven't updated in a while. School has kept me super busy and tomorrow I have quizzes and tests all day, but don't worry because things are looking up for the weekend. I have junior ring ceremony tomorrow so once I get home expect a new chapter from Drummer Boy and possibly 6th Direction. For my lack of updates here's a photo of Lilac Niall
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    Awesome story, loving it so far. You're a great writer, would you mind critiquing one of my stories? Thanks :)
    Brothers bestfriend
    Brothers bestfrien...
    *may contain swearing A girl, pained as she has to make a life changing decision with choosing between two boys she's in love with.
    7 years ago
    yeah of course, no problem. just tell me which one xx
    Well I started a new one callled Drummer Boy which is about 5SOS and I have two 1D ones
    7 years ago
    okay well i'll get back to you as soon as I can x
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