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  • White Shadow
    Let me tell a few things:
    One: I really don't fucking care about how my grammar is here
    Two: your just a stuck up person with a fake attitude
    Three: Some of the popular girls are way nicer than you
    Four: I see how you act when you see me at school you turn ur (oh SORRY your) head like you don't even know me. That is the most childish thing to do.
    Five: I think your style needs fixing just like your face. I know a place you can shop at. It's called torrid. It's an amazing place for people with extremely wide hip and waists
    Six: I know you said you have no talent but I found one for you. Crying. It's what you do best. All ever ever talk about is how you cry over your mommy not getting along with you. That sucks that Ben your mom doesn't want to talk to you.
    Seven: if I ever want to talk to you in person probably means I still want to be your friend. HA! That will never happen!
    Eight: I straight out plainly hate you
    Nine: your just as snobbish as a Danville white girl who only wants to talk about herself
    Ten: I made a huge mistake being your friend. You ALWAYS blamed me for doing stuff I never did.
    Eleven: I wish I could stop seeing your scrawny face at school. It makes me sick to see your face
    And twelve: trying to be cooler than me is so 6th grade! I guess you never mentally fucking graduated from that grade or else you would hve known that being yourself is the best. It's too bad I still have to explain it to you.
    I hope you learn something from this. You betrayed my trust so many times and what did I do for you? I pushe it aside and hoped you would change. But no you can't figure out shit. So thank you. Thank you for ending this friendship I have learned a lot from seeing how you and your two other friends form a group much like the plastics. Btw if you can't figure it out I'm talking about caprice and Zara. Jack is the only nice one in still friends with. As I was saying. I watch what you do at lunch and you teach me so much. You yeah me so many things I should never do. Like one thing walking up to my group of friends and asking them a question. Such a wrong thing to do. Just like everything else you do. Merry fucking christmas. You can go cry now. That's the best thing you do. You win academy award for that. Goodbye maya the fucking liar. Go stress to your friends cause all you do is gossip to people. And I don't need a boy to make me happy maybe I don't even have a boyfriend anymore. Maybe I dumped him. Because I'm smart. Unlike you
  • White Shadow
    I guess you have no best friends since all the ones you thought were your best friends betrayed you. I can't believe you would still be Friend with them. How low
  • White Shadow
    And I still remeber when you told me that my sister looks stupid. That's just hurtful and mean. She isn't stupid and she is certainly a lot more athletic than YOU. I doubt you will get into your top college. Unlike you my sister got into Princeton
    5 years ago
    Ok! Whatever! Just stop using that stupid smiling emoji! Everybody knows you really aren't happy!
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