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    mumbled "Sorry guys"

    Hey guys...yes I know I haven't been on lately. I've been on wattpad more then movellas ��... If you guys wanna talk or something maybe we can use wattpad to talk :) my name is maddie_luke_penguins. If you guys had my kik name,it's not going to work anymore because I deactivated it...anyways I have deleted/not going to update 'story of my life' anymore because I feel like there's not much to know about and personal things. Well it's nice talking to you guys again :] we'll keep in touch xD ������
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    This is Soo good please update I'm DIEING to know what's gonna happen
    What if?
    What if?
    What if? Happily ever afters did come true? And sometimes they do or do not end up being together after all? Read what if? To find out
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