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I write terrible stories and also some serious ones from time to time. As my username suggests, I love PL and a bunch of stuff too.
In my spare time, I like to boogie-woogie to Italo-Disco, Eurobeat, and Bubblegum Dance.

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Puzzles and Fanfics

by , Sunday July 30, 2017

Papsketti: First Several Chapters

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  • ProfessorLayton

    Just found out about this fun writing site

    Ever since a favorite writing site of mine closed down, I've been looking everywhere for a site like the one I was at before. Now, I think I've finally found it. Can't wait to start having lots of fun on Movellas :)
    2 years ago
    The writing competitions were always a thing I liked about my old site ( MissLiterati ), and these writing competitions look more stunning. I might join one in the future.
    ☆~HXppY HaS MoVeD~☆
    What site was it?
    2 years ago
    It was Missliterati. It was advertised a lot in a magazine I would read, so I gave it a try and published my stories on there until it shut down without any warning. There's a petition going on to bring it back, however.

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