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    If you know the user Amanda/Manni then you must be informed of why the account was taken down. I’m Chris and I’m alive and well. This user was posting using my identity. They used the identities of my friends without consent as well as spoke about them and me extremely negatively. Any posts, comments, or personal messages under my name were all done by one person and not who you thought you were talking to. I found this out last week upon a google search of my name and once this was reported, Amanda/Manni were told to delete the account and retract it all. However, since no public apology has been posted to my knowledge, I am forced to post this to clear up any misconceptions. For context, I do know Manni in real life, but we are only acquaintances and not the close friends that they have portrayed us as. Therefore, this entire situation has made me and my friends feel uncomfortable and we want it to be solved as soon as possible.

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