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I have always had a keen interest in writing from a very young age. In recent years I have gotten into writing comic books and screenplays, but still enjoy writing short stories as well.

  • R. M. Kitson

    Are there rules to fanfiction?

    Specifically I'd like to know if you have to use characters that already exist within the world or can you create some new characters?
    S. G.
    6 years ago
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    No there are not, you can use the characters or the setting or jut the plot. Hope I helped xRose
    6 years ago
    I mean, if it's fan fiction, obviously use the celebrity. But outside of that, add in whomever you would like to!
  • R. M. Kitson

    Edgar Allan Poe

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    I'm currently reading a series of short stories by Edgar Allan Poe. It is an absolute masterpiece in pacing, scene setting, suspense, horror and intrigue. Also other words you may find enticing.
    Jackie Sonnenberg
    He is one of the original masters of literary horror. "The Tell-Tale Heart" has to be one of the most famous. Check it out if you haven't already!
    6 years ago
    5 months ago
    Thank you for providing this interesting and very interesting topic. I will update your next post often.
  • R. M. Kitson
    I really enjoyed this story. I do have a few grammar niggles, although some of them may just be personal preference.
    I wouldn't start 'Driving it were...' or 'The other was bare-armed...' on new paragraphs, they both feel like they belong to the first paragraph. Also on 'The other was bare-armed...' I feel like it should maybe say 'The other man was bare-armed...' Although again this may just be preference.
    There are also a few descriptive parts that are confusing, for instance, is the road supposed to be actually suspended in the sky?
    One final niggle is where it says 'It roared in pain and launched itself at the road, just missing several Paladins, who launched themselves out of the way.' I would get rid of one of those 'launched' and use a synonym instead.
    Other than that its very good, I've only read the first chapter so far but will definitely read others soon.

    The Mask of Night
    The Mask of Night
    Ismail. Farrow. Laila. Kaelan. Four people. Four tales. Before we are done, their stories will be irrevocably twisted together. Ismail is a secretive mage, hailing from the far reaches of the North. Though...
    Thanks for the CC, it really does help. I'll definitely check those over and make sure the other chapters are fine too. Thanks!
  • R. M. Kitson

    Read for Read

    Hey, I've been on Movella for a while but was not active for years. I've just written a short story called The Ward and have several others in development. If you read mine and give feedback I will return the favour.
    Mallory Woods
    6 years ago
    Sure! OK i know you posted this 2 months ago but still, I will!
    6 years ago
    I'd love to (I know this is probably really late!) but if you could read mine: Fae Queen in return that would be ace!
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