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I love 5sos as you can see. I always LOVE doing special effects and drawing! I love listening to music it's my life and I literally have so many 5sos posters I can't even count. Also I love mcr, top, with confidence, atl, and panic at the disco!!!!

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    mumbled "Idk what to choose "

    I love and kinda dislike never say never cover by 5sos. They are y everything and I listen it to it all the time but they have done better. Still amazing af tho!!!!
  • raeand5sos4ever

    mumbled "is this a good book idea?"

    Im writing a book about 5sos. I love zombies and them so i think i am going to write a book about them in a zombie Apocalypse. Is this even worth writing about?
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    mumbled "this is so me!"

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    this is my face when i see 5sos on my ipad. this is my face when i hear 5sos playing on the radio. THIS WILL SOON BE MY FACE WHEN I ACTUALLY MEET THEM IF IT WILL EVER FREAKEN HAPPEN! ARGHGARRGHAGHGAHAGHA
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