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I will do anything for you fans if you ever have any suggestions you should feel free to tell me an I will out it in my Instagram is greengrassclifford please feel free to followieskyirwin.

  • Raelene clifford
    Thank you all for reading it means so much!
    What Ash doesnt know cant hurt him.
    What Ash doesnt...
    A girl named Emma gets pregnant to ah ton who she finds is cheating on her.So she goes on ROWY-SO tour with them then she dates Luke he try's naming the baby after his ex aleisha.She dates Michael and...
  • Raelene clifford
    Please make this fan fiction a happy ending I literally cried for 25 minutes at the end of Ashton's little sister please let Michael find out and them still get married I am begging you please your my favorite fan fic writer
  • Raelene clifford
    Please update I read Ashton's little sister and cried I want Michael to find out she is actually cadence!!!!And them get married
    The Runaway.
    The Runaway.
    I went "missing" one day. Truth is, I actually woke up. I ran. I just ran. I ran like a coward. Ashamed for them to see my face. Ashamed of doing what I did. Scared to be Ashton's Little Sister. -- Sequel...
    5 years ago
    Don't worry, I plan to end this one on a happy note <3 then maybe a threequel ;)
    5 years ago
    And thanks for the support, I'm glad you read it through!
  • Raelene clifford
    Please I am beginning you write more or plz wrote a sequel I love your fan fiction it's my favorite so far and I wrote a fan fiction. And it suck but you inspired me
    You Again || Luke Hemmings
    You Again || Luke...
    I'm Charlie. I live in Sydney, Australia with my mom. My best friend is Luke Hemmings. Well, you can say ex-best friend. He left Australia to go on tour about three years ago and never spoke to me again....
    Thank you loads and I'm happy to hear that I inspired you :)
  • Raelene clifford
    Please update I am DESPERATE to know what happens next!!!
    Twitter girl
    Twitter girl
    Leah a typical lover of the band 5SOS unknowingly has gained the interest of Luke Hemmings 5SOS' lead singer through her tweets. They meet in the most difficult of circumstances but, will Leah survive?...
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