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Just a crazy person trying to understand life in the adult world and trying to survive it while doing some of the things that I love like reading, writing, and talking about various fandoms.
Basic info. I'm Maddie. I'm 20. Sophomore and intervention specialist major at Bowling Green State University. I play flute in the Falcon Marching Band. I'm tall af. I don't know what goes on in my mind except that I'll randomly blurt out Broadway musical lyrics.
Oh and I have an obsession with corgis, Kpop, and an anime about ice skating.
Stories finished:
Start of Something New
Right Here, Right Now
Pretend It's Love
When You Look Me In The Eyes
Little Talks
These Bruises
Ericka's Opus
(All above are fanfictions)
The World Turned Upside Down (my poem)
Welcome to Brookfield (other poem)

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    mumbled "Hey what’s up"

    So I know it’s been a few weeks since I last talked on here, but I want to give a life update.
    Classes are going well. I’m doing fairly decent in them. I’m also in my placement for the semester that started last week. I’m still involved with band, the sorority, and UDA. Oh here’s a big one: MY FAMILY IS GETTING A NEW PUPPY!! We’re getting a yellow lab and we’re going to name him Loki. I’m so excited!! So yeah. That’s whats really been going on. Yeah. Haha.
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    mumbled "Yes I'm still alive!"

    Hi everyone!! So I'm writing this from my dorm where I will be living for my sophomore year of college! Yes, I can't believe I am now saying sophomore year of college. My brother starts his sophomore year of high school tomorrow and I couldn't be more excited for him! Anyways, on to the matter of business.
    I am still writing. I'm actually working on three separate projects. One is a contemporary novel, another is an au, and the third is a collaborative au I'm doing with some friends. While it may seem like I'm not on here a lot, I do check the app a lot. I will definitely try to get finished Fairly Local but the story is just getting started.
    I have no clue yet if I will publish another work on her, but it's in the air. Movellas is where I got my beginning with writing, and I couldn't possibly leave it yet. But more on that will come soon.
    What else? Oh yeah, I'm bisexual. There's that.
    Uhm...I think that's really all?
    So yeah. If anyone wants to see what's up, follow me on my bookstagram @/booksandsouffles or my twitters! I'm on either @/bookandsouffles or @/saucyksj. Mostly the second one.
    See you guys soon!
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    mumbled "Things I’m still recovering from"

    So I’m still trying to recover from school even though it’s been two weeks, but I’m also trying to recover from an eight hour car trip to North Carolina for my cousin’s wedding and back to Ohio, and also can we talk about BTS’ performance of Fake Love last night because like yeah.
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    mumbled "Hey Maddie how’s it going?"

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    I’m home for the summer, I died from all of the concept photos for Love Yourself: Tear, I’m on my period, I want a nap, I really don’t want to pick up my brother, I want a nap, I hate my stomach, that’s all.
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    mumbled "I know it's been a while..."

    Hey everyone! So yes I know it's been a while since I've said something on here, but I just want to let you guys know that I am still alive. I just haven't been writing a lot. This semester I'm taking two English/writing classes and so I'm bound to be loaded with writing a lot of papers. But I'll give a quick update on my life since my last update!
    - I got a new roommate this semester, and while we haven't done much together yet she is better than my last roommate.
    - My beautiful dog of thirteen years was put to sleep on January 19. I was very heartbroken and still miss him dearly but he is in a better place now. I still have moments where I want to just cuddle with him but I know he was in a lot of pain the past couple of months. I just still miss him...excuse me I need to not cry.
    - I'm obsessed with BTS now. Like when I first got into One Direction back in 2012, that how I am now with BTS. I'm also delving into other Kpop groups like Blackpink, EXO, and Monsta X. (Bias in BTS is the fluffing golden maknae (yes Jungkook) and if I had to choose a bias wrecker it would be either J-Hope or worldwide handsome (Jin)).
    - I'm in a dance piece for the first time in over six years!! Since doing University Dance Alliance I decided to audition for the spring showcase and got asked to be in a jazz piece for Mambo #5!!!
    - I got a bid for a sorority!! Yep, I got a bid and now I'm in the spring 2018 new member class for Omega Phi Alpha national service sorority!!!
    So yeah, you can tell that is a lot, and there's a lot more but I don't think I could fit all of them in. Okay, I'm going to go get ready I don't have my first class of the day until 2:30 pm...yes that late.
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