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How are you? That's the polite thing to ask. Only I am genuinely curious.
I am slightly crazy but when who isn't?
If you want to talk and get something off your shoulders, then I'm here.
Chances are I have been there, done that, got the tee-shirt and done it again many times again.
Like many other people have said on their profiles, I love writing. Please won't you check out my work? It doesn't bite.
All the love,
Yours Faithfully,
Rain x

  • Rain :)
    19 hours agoReply
    Hullo! I would love a cover please!

    Title: Letters from me, to you, read by everyone else.
    Author: Rain
    Genre: Romance
    Summary: a series of stories in the form of letters based on my interpretation of song lyrics.
    Image: I shall leave that up to you because I have to admit I have zero ideas.

    Thank you so much! :) x
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  • Rain :)
    2 days agoReply
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    And you updated! Cool! :) Cal and Gracie are incredibly cute. <3
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    Finding You | Asht...
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    2 days ago
    Aw yay! I'm glad you think so! <3
    Rain :)
    2 days ago
  • Rain :)
    3 days agoReply
    Love these! Lmao!!! :)
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  • Rain :)
    4 days agoReply
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    A good start. I agree with Skylar Black that it would be easier to read if they were in smaller paragraphs. I can already begin to understand the sence of discomfort/unsettlement of the room and the students. :)
    A short write-up I wrote for my creative writing class. I wrote something after a long time (a very long time), so it's pretty rough. I need to restart again and improve, so I am always open for CC!
    Mercury Chap
    7 hours ago
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    All right, will keep in mind. Thanks for the review :)
  • Rain :)
    5 days agoReply
    Love it so far! X
    Just friends
    Just friends
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