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I'm a closed person who doesn't open up until I feel I can trust you. I love alternative rock and rap. If you know me, you would know I like making new friends and I'm a kind person. If you mess with my friends... well you'll find out what happens to you. If you want to get to know me more, just talk to me. "We go through similar things. That's when the thought of all these awesome fans come into play. We have these people who've said they need our music to survive. They're helping me at the same time we're helping them. ~Vic Fuentes (Pierce the Veil) Some of us have scars. Some of us used to have scars. We are not proud of what we did, but we are not ashamed of our scars. Each and every scar has its own story, and the fact that the wounds healed reminds us that things get better.

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    Name: Christina (aka Seth)
    Nickname: Chrissy, ChrissyBatKitty, BatKitty, Kitty, gummy bear, Karin, squishy, Coco, Sethy, UpTown, sweetheart (>.< I always hated that nickname), and hun
    Battery percent: 95%
    iPhone or Android: LG (I know it isn't an option
    Last person I texted: @[Squirrel ⦻]
    Birthday: May 13th
    Last song I listened to: saviour by black veil brides
    Favorite color: any shade of blue
    Favorite movie: Trick r' Treat
    Height: 5"0'
    Current mood: stressed
    Tag people: @[Blood Wolf] @[Squirrel ⦻]
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    Chrissyyyy C:
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    Hello my fellow Movellas users, it has been quite a long time since I have been on here. Would anyone care to show me some love? I have missed you all and would like to catch up with all of you. =^.^=
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