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Dear Niall Horan,
I don't know how that mistletoe
got there but we're under it
and you cant leave :)
............ ,
.......... ~)
........... (_---;
........... /| ~ |\ TheDramaLlama

--v-v-- Vampiress

('')_('') J.K. Panesar

¸.•´¸.•*• ƹӝʒ
(¸.• ღ Patch

~(^o^)~ itsgottabelou
Here is a badge for you guys :) Its Nyan Cat! :D

  • lovelytraits
    Title: Toxic Tutoring
    Author: lovelytraits
    Not finished
    As soon as you can please :) thanks
    Book Reviews
    Book Reviews
    If you wan a review please comment the following: 1. Title 2. User Name 3. Finished or Not finished 4. How soon you want the review Note: I will post some movella reviews over another because some of...
    I ❤️ Candy!
    6 years ago
    Give me two weeks to catch up
  • lovelytraits
    hey, ignore my other comments. When you can, would you please review my movella 'Toxic Tutoring' please? Thanks :)
    Movella Reviews
    Movella Reviews
    Here, I will score your movella, fan fiction or not, out of 10 and give you praise as well as constructive criticism. I am not trying to offend anyone with this, I am just giving you advice on how you...

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