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I am SHERlocked.
Okay? Okay.
If we burn, you burn with us!
I am Divergent.
Yer a Wizard!
I choose you, Pikachu!

Hey! This is Shadow Ascending, formally known as iamRaven. I have recently redone my account, deleting all movellas except Radioactive, and adding a new one, yet to be named. So, y'know, just chill and read I guess?
Oh, and make sure you check out my friend Ebony Knight, she is MUCH better known me, even though I am technically her elder, in a way XD
See ya all, Shadow

  • Shadow_Ascending
    Chapter 4 isn't really about Shadowflower... is it XD
    Warrior Cats: Rising Fire
    Warrior Cats: Risi...
    My friend (let's call her Flamepool) wanted to join Movellas, but she wasn't allowed, so I'm posting her story for her.
    5 years ago
    Yeahh... I'll ask Flamepool if it's a mistake :)

  • Shadow_Ascending
    I haven't updated this in so long DX I will get round to it, I promise!
    One minute it's all normal. The next, your best friend is dead, you are locked in a room and the grown-ups who normally see to you are gone. That's when you turn on the TV. It has happened at last.
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