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I am SHERlocked.
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I am Divergent.
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I choose you, Pikachu!

Hey! This is Shadow Ascending, formally known as iamRaven. I have recently redone my account, deleting all movellas except Radioactive, and adding a new one, yet to be named. So, y'know, just chill and read I guess?
Oh, and make sure you check out my friend Ebony Knight, she is MUCH better known me, even though I am technically her elder, in a way XD
See ya all, Shadow

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    On Guess The Song XD
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    Hiya! So, just thinking of ideas for my radioactive story. I want ideas for possible people and/or mutations. People, prefebly under 16, but above if wanted. Mutations, anything unusual you want to see eg. wings. Ok, go mad :)
    Ms Holly
    6 years ago
    Mimicing appearance, so manipulatable features (think Mystique)
    Living hair. Kinda like Medusa but minus the snakes.
    Prehensile tail that acts like a third hand and arm. Like a monkey's.
    Connection to electronics. So you stick your finger into a USB port and can download data to your finger, then transfer it. Conversely, stick your in a plug socket then turn it on, then touch someone to electrocute them.
    Mental manipulation. Able to manipulate the thoughts of anyone into doing exactly what you want and thinking what you want.
    Regrowth. Cut off an arm, and a few minutes later it grows back. Cut out your heart, a few minutes later it's back. Doesn't work for the brain.
    Mirror flesh. Skin becomes exactly like the surface of a mirror, bouncing back any attacks.
    Waterbreathing. Cells in the lungs convert H2O to breatheable oxygen, enabling practically indefinite waterbreathing.
    Mirror manipulation. You slit your wrist, you cut the target's hand off. You poke your chest with a sewing needle, they get stabbed in the heart.
    6 years ago
    Woah! Thanks Ms Holly, I WILL include most of these and I will give you credit :)