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I am a trekkie, I am a jedi, a witch(Gryffindor.) I am a dauntless divergent, I am a demigod, pokemon gym leader, a pegusister, a grey warden, a Fairy tail marionette wizard, a DWA maester, a whovian, I am many other things, but most of all, I am an author. Proud owner of an autograph of the Dragon Warrior who met the Dragon Warrior behind the Dragon Warrior. I also know Twengar and Parstletounge. Please call me Ray, or Rainbow. I am also marrying George Weasley. Being a ginger with a unicorn, my logic is almost unquestionable.

By the way: if you hate on any of my friends, be sure to know that you will have my wrath upon you.

Random Funfacts:
I am in seventh grade
I read at an above-college-level
I am considered the wierdest kid in school
I am a gamer
And I have ALOT of Pokemon cards
I am apart of the Grayglory family
I have a pet unicorn named Jeffery
My starter pokemon as Tepig
My favorite band is OneRepublic

✔Mentally marrying a fictional character

I am Candor, so I am Erudite. I am Dauntless, for I am Abnegation. I am Amity, which makes me Divergent.

Quote of the week/day/month:
"Listen to me in my total hero voice, guys! China, I choose you!"
-/o\- prezinator and proud!

♥96% of teens won't stand up for God. Put this in your profile if you're one of the 4% that will♥

  • RainbowDashicorn

    mumbled "Important"

    I probably will not be able to be on much, due to my laptop broke down, and I need to wait for it to be fixed. But, if anyone wants to contact me, my email is:

  • RainbowDashicorn

    mumbled "Just read, please."

    I'm bored. Yes, I know I have stories, I'm woring on them, but I want a kinda-ish Idea. Like, a fandom. If possible. maybe. Depends on if anyone reads this.

    ~I will check answers tomorrow~
    Queen Gravity Pan
    DIvergent goes to hogwarts. Idk. well yeah..
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