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Hey, I'm Melanie Rae and I have a whole ton of interests:
- reading and writing, of course
- funny videos - you HAVE to watch "Who's on First" it's absolutely hilarious!
- a random variety of sports (soccer, badminton, karate)
- animals (most especially cats)
- 4-H
- photography (my profile pic is something I took - I'd love it if you checked out my Instagram account: tweetybird1711)
- inspirational quotes (fav = "Be who you are and say what you feel because those who matter don't mind and those who mind don't matter")

Looking forward to reading some awesome stories and posting more of my own writing! :)

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    I hate the fact that people around the world are being bullied. I'd like to help stop it, if I can, so please add my name to this list :)
    Stop Bullying, Speak Up!!
    Stop Bullying, Spe...
    To get your name put on the petition, see details in the first chapter. Help stomp out bullying!!
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