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Hey guy! I'm Rebecca I write poetry, stories, fanfiction and much more! Check out my group fandoms unite. I love to write so please check out my stories and give feedback. I'm a Fanbassador so I would be more than happy to read your fan fictions.

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    mumbled "EMOTICONS "

    Some movellians might have noticed the emoticon problem, there is only 1 emoticon and it looks kinda derpy. Thought i'd start using japanese emojis instead, here's a list of them hope I helped

    (^___^) smiley

    (*^o^*) excited

    (^.^) oh

    (_O_) sorry
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    Great Beginning! Not many fanfictions written from the perspective of someone from District 4 .can't wait to see how the story unfolds (^____^)
    Poison Paradise
    Poison Paradise
    [First draft, unedited] The 50th Hunger Games. The 2nd Quarter Quell. Everyone's nervous as the cannon sounds, signaling the beginning of 47 deaths and desperate cries from families. One victor there shall...
    Chrissy Sky
    6 years ago
    Thanks! :)
    Victoria Raven
    6 years ago
    Same! I love it so far! From the books you think about District 12 and how they think, but when you realize, there's more pressure on the Career's because of their Rep.
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    mumbled "NEW MOVELLA"

    Hey guys! Went through a patch were my creativity literally turned off. But I finally wrote a new movella! Only have an intro and Chapter 1 published at the moment but please tell me your honest opinion on it THANK U

    the link:
    GuiltI have one friend, he lives inside me bursting every moment to be freed.
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    mumbled "Loony lovers"

    An amazing author passed away this morning to pay tribute to her I made a group called Loony Lovers please become a member and pay the magnificent Luna respect :')
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