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Excuse me, my good sir, have you seen the White Rabbit?
What White Rabbit?
You know, he hops around with a pocket watch, always saying how late he is, complaining about how dirty his gloves are?
I'm afraid not, but I'm sure you'd like to sit and stay for a cup of tea.
No, I must find that rabbit, but thank you...
Hatter, the name's Hatter.

  • RedConverse
    7 years agoReply
    .....You realize that some of the band kids are athletic, actually a lot of them, and they entirely out number your advisory, right?
    Life as it is
    Life as it is
    my life basically, and the things I think but never say.
  • RedConverse
    7 years agoReply
    Aww.... I want to be included but not die..... that means... NNNNEVEEVERRRR MIIND.
    Assassin's Academy
    Assassin's Academy
    Maddy and Bella have been training for their entire life, for what exactly? To become killers or assassin's (it just sounds better). Now at 17 they are perfect or really close to it, killing anyone without...
    7 years ago
    me being a part of the story would just lead to inevitable death anyway.... NNNEEEEVVERRRR MIINNDDD
  • RedConverse

    mumbled "Long Time, No Update"

    7 years agoReply

    Sorry about that guys, but I've updated today. So..... YAY! If you haven't read it yet, here's a hint as to what happens...
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