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I just love writing......

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    i luurrrvee thiis
    Unwanted sister
    Unwanted sister
    Zayn Malik's mom, Trisha Malik decided she wanted another daughter since her oldest daughter, Doniya, moved out of the house. So, she adopts a 16 year old girl named Melody, even though Zayn strongly disagrees...
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    Very good i enjoyed reading it :D could you please check out my new movella - Death and beyond ?
    I Trusted You Bieber *COMPLETED*
    I Trusted You Bieb...
    Aaliyah Miller is a 16 year old student at Tanver Dance School in Washington…on one casual saturday she stumbles upon Bieber himself,casting auditions to be one of the main dancers on his new 'My World...
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    Thankyou so much<3 sure,xx
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    mumbled "Death and Beyond."

    I am wrighting my Movella, Death and meyond, please will you read it, give your opinion and feadback. Everything would be really appriceated (Y)

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