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    AshWays ~The Euphoric City~
    AshWays ~The Eupho...
    Maybe you want to visit the AshWays through a narrative, or maybe witness the city through quotes, or maybe you want to journey through it through poetry or maybe you want the full experience and go through...
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    My comments are for feedback and praise and opinions on my work. I wont trivialise myself as a writer to become a marketing strategy for other writers or companies to promote themselves on my content. I have spent endless amount of time and work on my projects and not with the intention of others feeding off it for their own profit or to epand their own fan bases. Yes, I'm friendly to writers on movellas but I have major problems with the bots and other writers who exploit my content for their own interests. I started from the bottom as everyone else has and have put all my efforts to gain the audience I have. My work cannot have a price on it as it is beyond all value in terms of money and wealth to me and it is highly disrespectful that other writers and even companies that have nothing to do with Movellas are flooding my in and comments with requests to promote them or by just randomly promoting themselves
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