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[you'll find one in @Luke J.R. profile too :) ]

so, its me, roro. i was on a two year long hiatus and am back- lost and confused.

this was home. i made friends, i made family. some left. some are here.

but with the changed names- x( i can't seem to find them. *sigh

anyway, i'll be around. for a while.

talk to me or something? if you'd like a review, a comment, anything.


in honesty, the black background and the all undercase words are a support to my mourning. and the black shirt.
my life's a funeral. *sigh.

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    and your review is out :)
    chocolate pudding or bitter gourd...a review book. comment if you want it reviewed. the title (preferably with the link). if it's super long, i'll probably just go through the first...

    A Garden in Spring
    A Garden in Spring
    rabi'ah and Rebecca. Rebecca and rabi'ah. Two women. Two lives, that somehow come together, though perhaps not in the way that you think. *rated yellow for certain language and themes* (Cover by the wonderful...
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