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I'm a skater I have a band called 32 RecConnect

  • RoxyRocket
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    I love it please keep writing it I'm going to get my friends to read it that is how good it is
    Lyrics | L.H
    Lyrics | L.H
    'Lyrics Say More Than My Words Ever Could.' Alexa only had one interest, and that was music. Everything else either judged her or ignored her completely. She just wanted a life where she wasn't constantly...
  • RoxyRocket
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    Go with either idea it's what your heart wants go off of an idea that gives you more inspiration and IMAGINNAATTIOON SORRY THEY PROBABLY CAME OFF WEIRD but you know if your ever stuck I can help you get over that stump in the story
    Not Just Another Story
    Not Just Another...
    SEQUEL TO IGNORED. THIS IS THE SECOND BOOK IN THE SERIES AND THERE MAY BE A THIRD BOOK IN THE FUTURE You may know me as the girl who stole Niall Horans heart, I see myself as the girl who broke it...
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