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  • thatgirlrylie

    mumbled "its been 84 years"

    i literally haven't been on this account in i don't know how long.... but going through it is so nostalgic. i was 13 when i made an account on here and now i'm 20... its been a crazy 7 years and i want to thank everyone who has ever read any work of mine. i don't write any on here anymore, but i am on wattpad @marvel-rhapsody if you'd like to check out some stuff i've written there. i thought that the 30k reads on my one direction imagines here was a lot. and now i have almost 800k reads on a story on wattpad. this site helped me use writing as an escape and i will forever be thankful for the site and the people i've made friends with through it. i love you guys
  • thatgirlrylie

    mumbled "HOlY cRaP GUyS"

    The last time I got on Movellas, my imagines and preferences was at 12,000 reads... And now, it is at 25,000 reads! That is absolutely insane! Thank you guys so much for this! I can't believe that many people want to read my horrid writing... Well, anyways, thanks again :)
  • thatgirlrylie
    I don't even know if anyone gets on here much anymore, but I have a story that I have been writing on Wattpad that I'm really proud of. Would you like for me to publish it on here as well?
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