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I am currently unable to put my love for writing into words. But, writing is sort of a definition of love, isn't it? Writing is like extracting yourself from the real world and throwing yourself into one which you have just created and getting lost in a place you have only just imagined. If that isn't love, then what really is?

I have too many favourite books to write down here, but Stephen King is God.

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    mumbled "Prologue and Chapter 1 are UP!"

    Cloverfield1922 saw a number of consecutive murders sought out in the small town of Cloverfield. In 2013, the homicides are still an ongoing continuum. When...

    I'm actually very excited about this. I've never put a piece of my writing online before so this is a first for me. I hope you guys can give it a read and more so I hope you enjoy it!
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    I'm home alone overnight and I can hear everything like I can legit hear bumps and bangs and voices and this is probably the worst side to having an over-active imagination like brain can you shutup now and go to bed please
    7 years ago
    what if there were actual people :O
    S.L Openshaw
    7 years ago
    Why why why why would you say that. I am suddenly very aware of every single noise in the house.
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    Yay! Just uploaded my first movella. I was going to post this on the forum but I can't post on there until my account has been active over 24 hours! Please feel free to check it out! Thank you! Shannon x
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