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I'm more of a reader than a writer, though I would love to write something.
I just want the first thing I write to be a hit so.....that'll be like in ten years time.
I love movellas, there are a lot of unique writers in here and I love them all.
(even though I don't like fan fiction)
I hate fan fictions of real people like one direction and Justin Bieber but I don't mind fictional fan fictions like harry potter and star wars

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    Hey, have anyone of you thought of writing an LGBT Disney fanfic or Original??
    3 years ago
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    3 years ago
    I have thought Disney should make it. But if think you can write it.. I’ll read it :)
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    Back when I was 13 I was a girl crazy and I could easily have a crush on any cute or hot guy.
    One day I went to a trip with a group of ninethgraders I felt low classed, I mean, they were reallycool (only the girls) the guys didn't look that attractive.
    On the journey I didn't say much, tries to keep myself at the corner.
    One of the unattractive guys was sitting behind me on the bus asking one of the girls what nationality I am in an African language which I understood.I turned to him and answered. He was really funny and interesting during the trip I ended having a huge rush on him.I still feel red when I'm around him.
    Long story short, its what's inside that matters.
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